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After extensive two years of work, published ResearchTraining and Campaign aiming to support achievement of the project goal, in the final stage of the project we are organizing the final Sexism Free Night Seminar and Sexism Free Night Network meeting.

Sexism Free Night Seminar will take place on 20th of May from 15:00 to 20:00h in Barcelona, Spain, at Subdirecció General de Drogodependències Carrer de Roc Boronat, 81-95 (Edifici Salvany).

The Seminar is imagined to be a combination of activities, mix of presentations and side events around it, all aiming to present a full spectrum of topics around Sexism in Nightlife – from project results and outputs, through presentations of good practice examples around prevention of sexism and sexualised violence in nightlife, finishing by presenting our hopes and actions for the future and the Sexism Free Night Network Launch.

The event participation is free of charge but with previous registration, organized in the hybrid way mixing offline and online participation. The event is planned for the participation of 60 diverse professionals and stakeholders (nightlife promoters and professionals, nightlife cultural producers, professionals and peers working in the drugs field and in harm reduction responses implemented in nightlife environments, professionals working in gender equality fields, among others).

If you share our vision of a future where nightlife embraces a gender perspective in the promotion of safety, diversity & valuable experiences for all – go ahead and apply to participate HERE.

After the registration you will receive the confirmation email and participants pack.


15:00 – 15:15 
Seminar opening

15:15 – 16:00
Sexism Free Night – Project outputs and results 

Research report and main findings
Health and Community Foundation, Noctanbul@s

Training manuals and recommendations and core concepts to prevent sexualised
violence in nightlife
Clubcomission Berlin

Campaign, it’s resources and implementation
Kaņepes Culture Centre  

SFN Network and minimum standard criteria for SFN label
NGO ReGeneration

Consensus-based discussion with the public on SFN minimum standard consensus-based discussion
Faculty of Education and Psychology of the of the Catholic University of Portugal

16:00 – 17:00
Roundtable discussion
What do we need to promote egalitarian nightlife environments?
Moderator: Yuliya Zakolyabina, Kanepes Cultural Center

As a research and learning project with European engagement through this discussion we aim to explore the good practices of activism, networking and capacity building, focusing on sustainability and inclusiveness, transfer of knowledge and common participation among different European stakeholders.

The western European countries such as Spain, Germany and France as trendsetters in the area with many good practice examples are game leaders on the topic and actions. Therefore we wish to go beyond just promoting good practices and dve into discussion on how to transfer and widen the scope of the efforts, by exploring the possible spill out effect to the rest of Europe and the world.

The aim of the session is to explore this from the position of good practice examples within different collectives, what can be taken from their experience and how that could be implicated into Sexism Free Night Network and transferred across Europe and beyond.


17:00 – 17:30
Coffee Break

17:30 – 18:30
Roundtable discussion
Queering nights beyond the binarism
Moderator: Katharin Ahrend, Clubcomission Berlin

During the past years, visibility of LGBTIQ community has risen, but the question of meaningful presence and participation still stands. It is of great importance to hold space for marginalized communities, but it is an imperative to assure LGBTIQ folks are part of the change, raising their voices and leading the change as they see and need it.
Questioning and discussing inclusion vs. participation, at this panel, we’ll discuss how nightlife environments can be transformed when they are liberated from the gender binary, and when they are more diverse and inclusive, focusing on meaningful participation. If we advocate for freedom to locate ourselves wherever we felt most authentically reflected our position on the gender spectrum, and include those perspectives in shaping up the answer to safety at night and beyond, to which extent we can and should use the knowledge and good practice examples from Germany, Spain, Portugal or Netherlands to shape up queer care practices around European nightlife environments?
We’ll have a chance to hear from different speakers and their experience, as well as needs and visions for the future of liberated night time spaces.


18:30 – 19:15
Final remarks and closure

Sexims Free Night Network Launch 


Sexism Free Night stands for a future where nightlife embraces a gender perspective in the promotion of safety, diversity & valuable experiences for all. This is a European project co-founded by Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme and is based in a consortium that involves nightlife promoters, NGOs and a University with the  aim of creating a transdisciplinary dialogue able to promote safer and more egalitarian nightlife environments.

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